What do all these terms mean?

Free Estimate, Service Call, Maintenance – What do all these terms mean?

We often receive calls at Mech Tech Services Heating and Air Conditioning from customers who are looking for a “rough estimate” on a repair or how much an installation will cost.  Some will say, “I need my AC serviced”, or “I’d like a check-up or inspection”.  Depending on the job, some customers receive a diagnostic fee, and some start at a free estimate. This type of language can cause some confusion. Let us help explain the difference.

What is a Free Estimate?

Usually a free estimate is given for installations or relatively large jobs. Some types of jobs that require an estimate are replacing the water heater, converting from electric to gas, replacing a furnace and/or AC. Many customers want this information over the phone because it doesn’t require anyone coming to their home. Why? Because it’s quick and they won’t have to miss work. However, for these types of jobs, it’s best to send someone to your home to see the full scope of work that could be involved. Otherwise, it’s difficult to determine what would be a good fit for you. Doing so allows our team to see firsthand what is needed and will give you a more accurate price of the work to be done.

What is a Diagnostic Fee or Service Call?

Now I’m sure you’re wondering, “Well then, what would be considered a diagnostic fee?” A Service Call is when you know your system is not operating correctly or not operating at all, and a repair is mostly likely needed. We charge a $95 Diagnostic Fee to determine what the probable cause of the problem is. We will inspect your system and provide a quote for the repair. The goal is to get you back up and running as soon as possible (that day in most cases).

What is a Tune-up or Maintenance Call?

Similar to how you visit your general practitioner every year for a check-up, a tune-up is a semi-annual visit to make sure your system is healthy and running properly. Our tune-ups come complete with a full visual inspection as well as a cleaning.

You should have your system maintained or tuned up twice per year – generally the furnace is done in the fall and the AC is completed in the spring. Regular Maintenance will: increase energy efficiency; improve air quality; reduce the number of repairs; and increase the lifespan of your system.

We offer 3 levels of comprehensive Maintenance Plans for complete peace of mind.

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