Comprehensive Maintenance Plans

We recommend you join our preventative maintenance program to ensure that you are scheduling regular maintenance on your system and to take advantage of preventative maintenance agreement customer discounts. Preventative maintenance is simply one measure you can take to make sure your system is running properly. Does your cooling system have the proper refrigerant charge? Is your system communicating properly to the thermostat controls? Is your condenser fan operating properly? Is the heat exchange working? Are the wires all connected properly? These questions can’t be answered without a professional technician inspecting your system to ensure problems are not arising. A little prevention can go a long way to saving you money later.

As low as $15/month!

  • 2 Precision Tune-Ups a Year
  • 15% Discount on Repairs
  • Priority Customer Status


  • Lower Utility Bills
  • Extended Equipment Life
  • Fewer Repairs
  • Improved Performance Capacity
  • Inflation Protection
  • Never an Overtime Charge

Precision Tune-Up

As low as $110 per system!

  • Clean and Adjust Burner Assembly
  • Clean Ignition Assembly
  • Clean Heat Exchanger or Elements
  • Monitor Flue Draft
  • Monitor Refrigerant Pressure
  • Test Starting Capabilities
  • Test Safety Controls
  • Check Air Filters
  • Clean and Adjust Blower Components as Needed
  • Check Air Flow
  • Tighten Electrical Connections
  • Measure Volts/Amps
  • Lubricate All Moving Parts as Needed
  • Adjust Thermostat Calibration
  • Clean Evaporator Coil if Accessible
  • Clean Condenser Coil
  • Clean Condensate Drains
  • Measure Temperature Difference
  • Check Other Portions of the Systems such as Ductwork, Drain Pans, Vent Pipe for Installation Defects and Code Compliance
  • Make Recommendations