Zoning Systems

Would you benefit from a zone system approach for heating and cooling your home? The short answer is, yes! 

There are many different variables that cause extreme hot spots and extreme cold spots within your home. It may just be that the sun hits a specific room most of the day. Either way, since zone systems were introduced into the HVAC world, that’s no longer an issue. Dampers are installed within your duct work strategically to shift the flow of air.

American Standard has brought Acculink™ Zoning system to life. This system allows you to control the zones from any web enabled device. It even allows you to control the temperature for each specific zone.

Comfort Tailored to every room in your home.
When your system is installed, your home is divided into different areas or “zones,” each monitored by a sensor in constant contact with the Platinum ZV Control. When the system detects a temperature variance in a particular zone, it can direct heated or cooled air to that specific zone using carefully controlled modulating dampers in your ductwork. As a result, you get perfectly heated and cooled air wherever it’s needed, along with the ability to adjust temperatures in different zones. So rooms that receive more sunlight won’t have to be hotter than rooms that don’t, and every bedroom gets a warm and cozy winter.
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